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Typography at its best is a visual form of language linking timelessness and time. (Bringhurst, 2019)


︎Work gallery
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Typography at its best is a visual form of language linking timelessness and time. (Bringhurst, 2019)


Fairway Health Assistant
Graphic Design, Branding & Positioning

The goal of this project was to provide a rapid overhaul of Fairway’s website, visual style, and product UI in order to boost performance during upcoming funding rounds.

Primary Challenge

The primary challenge was to quickly determine Fairway’s brand image and positioning on a timeline that didn’t allow much time to calibrate after the initial set of stylescapes.
Understanding the Brand

Through a series of meetings and asynchronous guide documents, we determined how we wanted to company to look and feel. This included questions such as:

  • What are three adjectives you would use to describe how Fairway ought to feel like?
  • If Fairway was a flight attendant, what sort of person would they be?
  • What are some similar companies in other industries that you would want Fairway to feel like?

We settled on Professional, Industry Standard, Convenient. However, since this was somewhat insufficient in terms of describing a personality, we went further and added Polite/Considerate as descriptors.


From there, I created two stylescapes that provided two opposites of a spectrum, with one being aligned to an age-old family business feeling and the other to the large corporate entity. As expected, the founders wanted something in between.

Normally, this means a second set of stylescapes for callibration, but in this case, we moved the callibration into the landing page iteration phase.

Landing Page iteration

As mentioned before, we used this part of the project to do callibration as well as for nailing down design elements.

As a result, I had to rapidly iterate with the team on potential landing pages to home in what we thought was best. We started with just the content from a series of product pitch workshops and began building landing pages rapidly in Figma.

After a few hours, we settled on using text highlights, which was a product feature, an established z-axis using shadows, and clean imagery to build a brand feel that felt personable and professional but still with some sense of technological innovation.

Implementing the Website

From there, I implemented the entire website in two days in webflow, accounting for adaptive scaling of content. 

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